Staffed Events

Make The Most Out Of Your Next Event

Your event is important and needs strong dedication, professionalism, teamwork, strong advertising, and never-ending attention to detail, to be successful. There is no measure between an iAuto team and that which other staffed event companies provide.

In fact, we are so confident in what we do that we will write a check between $20,000.00 - $50,000.00 to pay for all of the event marketing material and mailing pieces. That leaves no risk on the dealerships end. We don’t receive payment until you receive performance. No other company is willing to go to such extremes and expenses in order to ensure comfort and confidence from their dealer partners.

  • Promotions range between $150,000 and finish as much as $500,000
  • Typical up counts run around 700 a week. We will drive 700 people through the door in a week’s time give or take, depending on market conditions.
  • We will normally do a dealer’s typical months business in a 6 day period
  • iAuto has a 91% re-sign rate with its dealer client within 90 days. Over 70% re-sign while we are still in the store

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