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We are a Marketing and Consulting Agency

Designed to assist Auto Dealers stay focused on their core strategies of selling and servicing automobiles. We bare the weight of centralizing your advertising and assisting with internal processes of driving traffic, creating winning processes and recruiting staff for your dealerships.


Chris Price

CEO of Price Media Companies

Born and raised in the car business, Chris started detailing cars at the tender age of 12. After spending many successful years selling, managing and running other dealers automotive operations, Chris bought a Ford store outside Memphis, TN, starting with 3% Ford market share of the Memphis MP. This store quickly grew to nearly 20%. Chris was the guest speaker and presenter at the 2007 National Ford Dealer Meeting in Detroit sharing "Ideas That Worked" to the nation of Ford dealers. In 2008, he sold his store to a dealer group and set out to follow his passion of merchandising and assisting dealers with their aspirations and growing their businesses. After 6 short years and over 70 dealers assisted, Chris has found the formula to become the New Age Full Spectrum Ad Agency. They specialize in creating a full vertical image across traditional and digital mediums.

John Hummerick

Director of Sales

John entered the automobile industry in 1983 after a 10 year run in the entertainment industry. His last 5 years were spent with a band called, "The Bellamy Brothers". At that time they had more number one hits than any other country duo.

While on tour, he bought a book by The World’s Greatest Salesman, Joe Girard, titled How to Sell Anything to Anybody. He read this book two or three times and then at the age of 33 he quit the band and accepted a job at a small Ford/Mercury dealership in Titusville, Florida.

He used that book as his bible and followed all Joe Girard’s instructions. He also read every book, went to every seminar, every training class. He listened to Zig Ziegler every time he was driving his demo. He studied the Art of Selling with a passion becoming one of the top earners in a very short time.

He was approached to join the management team and he accepted. Throughout his 30 year career he has held the position of Floor Closer, Finance Manager, Sales Manager and General Sales Manager. Every now and then he has gone back on the sales floor to sell. He said, “That is where the fun is and that’s where the rubber hits the road”.

He has put together one of the greatest sales programs ever. The people who wish to enter the highly rewarding automobile sales field will be getting a huge opportunity, by having humor filled action packed 4 day class taught by a 30 year sales veteran.

Wendell Hardy

COO of iAutoMarketing

Andy Park

CPO of iAutoMarketing

Patti Nelson

Social Media Director